giovedì 11 luglio 2019


Jeffrei epstein

(articoletto copia-incolla)

David Blaine
Tony Blair
Mike Bloomberg
Richard Branson
Jimmy Buffet
Phil Collins
Steve Forbes
Tom Ford
George Hamilton
Dustin Hoffman
Jon Huntsman
Elizabeth Hurley
The Duke and Duchess of York
Griffin Dunne
Brian Ferry
Ralph Fiennes
Maria and Bobby Shriver
Peter Soros (nephew of George)
Julie Taymor
Michael Jackson
Mick Jagger
LOTS of Kennedys
Henry Kissinger
Christopher Lambert
Simon Le Bon
Courtney Love
Cheryl Mills
Edouard and Evelyn de Rothschild
Robert Trump Ivana Trump Ivanka Trump
Chris Tucker
Mike Wallace
Barbara Walters
Bob Weinstein
Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Il defunto falso reduce dai lager nazisti?

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